Empower organizations to thrive in the digital landscape through comprehensive cybersecurity, innovative IT governance, and strategic consulting services.
  • Consultancy Services

    IT Governance Lebanon

    IT Governance

    Xpliancy Governance Services: Bridging IT and Organizational Objectives.

    IT Service Management Lebanon

    IT Service Management

    Optimize IT operations, improve service delivery, and enhance overall efficiency.

    Cyber Security Lebanon

    Cyber Security

    The cybersecurity assessment from Xpliancy swiftly and efficiently identifies vulnerabilities within your business.

    help Desk Lebanon

    Service Desk

    Unlock Service Excellence with Our Service Desk Tools Selection and Benchmarking Consulting.

    ADGM Consultancy UAE

    ADGM Consulting

    Elevate Your Business with ADGM Standard Consulting.

    IT Advisors Lebanon

    IT Advisory

    Comprehensive IT Consultancy for Your Business Growth.

    Scrum consultancy



    We assist companies in putting Scrum into practice as they apply the principles to actual projects inside their companies.

  • Let us be your catalyst for success!

    we're committed to empowering your organization through excellence in cybersecurity, IT governance, and tailored consulting services.

  • Testimonials

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    EliasAbi Greige
    IT Services Manager

    Helped us improve our operations efficiently, Standardize our best
    practices and consistently install and configure the operating systems.

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    Michel Nehme
    Group IT Manager

    Group KA

    Helped us tremendously with their exceptional knowledge and expertise on cyber security controls,measures and resilience strategies.

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    George Haddad
    Head of Sourcing & Compliance


    Thank you for all the efforts made to make this project successful as usual.

  • About us 

    At Xpliancy, we understand that the success of your organization hinges on effective IT management, governance, and security. With a team of seasoned professionals, we bring a wealth of experience to guide you through the complexities of ITIL implementation, ensuring your processes are not only streamlined but optimized for peak efficiency.

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    We are always pleased to hear from new and existing clients. There is very little that we do not do. If we cannot assist you, we will notify you. We appreciate the challenge. We enjoy innovating. We give liberally. We will challenge you. Do you need to discuss things out? We are always pleased to connect.

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