• Cyber Resilience 

    Policies and Consultancy

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    CIS Controls Consulting

    The CIS Controls framework, developed by the Center for Internet Security, is a vital resource for enhancing cybersecurity resilience and optimizing your cybersecurity measures.

    The effective adoption of CIS Controls is best achieved within an organizational culture that emphasizes cybersecurity as a core principle.

    Our team of seasoned consultants is eager to share their extensive experience in CIS Controls implementation and cybersecurity enhancement projects.

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    Cybersecurity Assessment

    The cybersecurity assessment from Xpliancy swiftly and efficiently identifies vulnerabilities within your business, offering tailored advice on cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions, protocols, andpolicies that zero in on your specific weaknesses. In a business landscape marked by the convergence of compliance standards and intricate IT structures, our seasoned technology experts dispel the complexity and provide clear guidance on the optimal path to fortify your cybersecurity position. Beyond guarding against cyber threats, strategically lowering your business's cyber risk canenhance your eligibility for cyber insurance and potentially reduce insurance premiums.

    What Does a CybersecurityAssessment Entail?

    A cybersecurity assessment constitutes a comprehensive and methodical examination of every facet within an organization's environment and technological infrastructure that bears significance for safeguarding data, bolstering cyber resilience, and ensuring compliance with cybersecurity standards.

    By undergoing a cybersecurity assessment, a company gains the ability to pinpoint components or procedures that may undermine their security stance, enabling them to concentrate on prioritizing risks for mitigation and determining suitable strategies or remedies for managing their vulnerability to potential threats.