• IT Governance Solution

    Centralized platform for your Governance

  • Overview

    Ivanti® Neurons for GRC utilizes a codeless platform, allowing you to customize your environment through flexible workflows, drag-and-drop functionality, and real-time reporting features. Streamline your policy, controls, compliance, and risk management by centralizing them, enabling the automation and integration of your compliance endeavors into a unified system.

    Automate Compliance Processes

    1. Consolidate regulatory documentation within a unified system for efficient mapping of citations to security and compliance controls.
    2. Harmonize regulatory requirements, such as HIPAA, NERC-CIP, SOX, GDPR, and others, with established security best-practice frameworks like ISO 270001, NIST 800-53, CMMC, and others to eradicate redundancy and enhance visibility into governance status.
    3. Proactively handle risks to minimize the likelihood of security breaches, ransomware attacks, or data theft.
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    Key Features

    No-Code Platform:
    Craft your unique governance activities to adapt to ever-changing requirements effortlessly – no developers required. Ivanti Neurons for GRC is constructed on a no-code platform that flexibly scales and adjusts to your processes, regardless of how frequently they evolve. Achieve compliance with governance seamlessly and without undue strain on your technology.


    Control Mapping:
    Simplify the challenge of keeping up with numerous regulations and standards by importing any regulatory authority document into the system. This enables instant mapping of citations to your security and compliance controls.
    Process Maturity Management:Evaluate the maturity of your critical security processes and controls, optimizing them based on priority and risks. Keep a close watch on control objectives, performance, adoption, and complexity.


    Risk Management:
    Routine risk assessments should be a standard practice, yet for many organizations, it remains a manual and inconsistent effort, leading to inefficiencies and oversights. Ivanti Neurons for GRC guides you through the risk-assessment process, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in results.


    Automated Governance Activities:
    Recognizing that manual processes hinder compliance maintenance and risk reduction, and repetitive tasks are especially cumbersome, replace manual activities with automated governance processes. This allows you to concentrate on more strategic work and reduces the risk of human error.


    Vendor Risk Management:
    Efficiently onboard new vendors providing services or products, and assess their security posture for any potential risks or vulnerabilities that may impact business objectives.