• IT Experience Management

    Measure ,Share ,Identify ,and Improve.

  • Overview

    HappySignals offers an innovative IT Experience Management Platform designed to prioritize your end-users' needs. By leveraging this platform, you can gain valuable experience insights and make informed, data-driven decisions to enhance various IT domains:


    Ticket-based Services, Overall IT Experience, Enterprise Applications, Laptops and Computers, Mobile Devices, Collaboration with IT, Office Environment, Remote Work, Service Portal.


    Together, HappySignals and Xpliancy empower you to truly place your end-users at the heart of your IT operations, ensuring seamless experiences across all touchpoints.

    Key Features

    Measure End-User Experiences in Real Time:
    Utilize ticket-based and proactive surveys to consistently assess all aspects of IT. With just a few clicks, end-users can rate their satisfaction and report the extent of lost productive time. Go beyond mere numerical ratings; delve into the reasons behind end-users' satisfaction or discontent to pinpoint areas for service enhancement. Move beyond annual surveys; automate the continuous delivery of ticket-based and proactive surveys to the appropriate end-users at optimal intervals.


    Creating XLAs for all IT needs:

    XLAs can be tailored to any desired level of detail with ease. Simply select the relevant team or service, set an Experience Level Target, specify the applicable time frame, and save the configuration with a single click. The Happiness Score™ serves as a universal metric applicable to all IT domains. Emphasizing the end-users' perception, XLAs should mirror the experiences IT aims to deliver.


    Integrations to ITSM tools:
    HappySignals seamlessly integrates with your trusted ITSM tools, ensuring safety and ease of use at all times, the integrations includes: ServiceNow, Freshservice, Ivanti Neurons, BMC Helix, and Jira Cloud.