IT Consultancy From Theory to Practice

     This course is designed to give studentsa thorough understanding of the IT consulting industry.

  • Course outcome

    • Understanding the role of an IT consultant and the value they can provide to organizations.
    • Understanding the history of IT consultancy and the different types of services offered.
    • Developing skills in projectmanagement and understanding how to deliver successful consultancy projects.
    • Developing skills in businessanalysis, including requirements gathering and documentation.
    • Understanding data analysis techniquesand tools, including data modeling and visualization.
    • Understanding IT strategy developmentand how to align IT with business objectives.
    • Developing communication andpresentation skills necessary to effectively engage with clients and stakeholders.
    • Develop consulting skills such asproject management, stakeholder interviewing, client communication, client analysis, and solution design.
    • Providing technical knowledge in areassuch as cyber security, computer networking, big data, Digital transformation, and Artificial intelligence.
    • Include case studies and examples ofsuccessful IT consulting projects.